How Does Summer Camp Encourage Outdoor Adventure? 

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Unplugging at Summer Camp

Do you want your child to have more adventures in the great outdoors than in the virtual world of the internet?  Summer camp is a perfect place for kids to unplug from their devices and take advantage of exploring and learning outside in nature without the downsides of technological distraction.  In a time where technology, smartphones, video games, social media, etc. are increasingly integrated into our lives, it can be more difficult for parents to encourage their children to spend time outdoors. 

Campers who come to Catalina Island Camps spend nearly the entirety of their days outside, of course with the exception of sleeping and a short “cabin time” after lunch before going back out for their afternoon activities.  Kids who spend so much of their daily time outside learning and having fun with friends realize that not all fun and learning has to come from school or browsing the internet.  Check out some other reasons why kids enjoy their overnight camp experience. 

Summer Camp Outdoor Activities:

Many of the outdoor camp activities might be firsts for campers.  For example: 

  • Swimming in the ocean for the first time 
  • Seeing marine life in their natural environment (older campers even get an opportunity to snorkel at night!) 
  • Camping outdoors overnight 
  • Preparing a yummy and nutritious snack from freshly grown garden plants 
  • And many more activities! 
summer campers smiling and waving while on boat in catalina
summer campers kneeling and overlooking the catalina island landscape

Bringing Part of Summer Camp Home:

We have found that campers take what they have experienced at CIC back to their lives at home.  Many campers come home from camp asking their parents how they can start composting food waste at home, if they can start an herb garden in their backyard, where some hiking trails are close to home, or even if they can go buy their own snorkeling equipment!  Campers may also come home with a newly discovered interest for studying marine biology or even just a greater desire to go outside and appreciate the sun and the fresh air.

CIC, like other summer sleepaway camps, encourages and inspires kids to be adventurous and exploratory, and appreciative of the natural outdoor environment. From social growth, independence and building self-esteem, there are tons of benefits when it comes to overnight summer camp.